"With social media and our online presence playing such a huge role today, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light."

Headshots are my favorite thing to photograph! I love how they are personal, and tell me so much about a person. I love to see how smiles make eyes light up, how a simple curve of the lips can change an entire expression, and how eyes sparkle when I tell someone to think of something that makes them happy. I love the emotion that can be evoked, seen and felt through a single photograph. How one image can say so much about someone and who they are.

When I take headshots, my number one mission is to spark something. To tell a story about who I am photographing. To find what makes them light up, and capture it. Those are the headshots that will stand out and that will draw people in. 

I am a huge fan of a simple gray background and how deep and creamy it photographs. It takes nothing away from the person I'm photographing, but instead makes them stand out. 

I shoot headshots with a high depth of field which creates a dreamy appearance and makes the images rich with good contrast. I find this is flattering for everyone and unique compared to the common headshot.

I want to create headshots that are beautiful, timeless and professional. Images that will display who the person is and what they stand for.

Professional Headshot Packages begin at $200. Please contact me for detailed packages and other information.